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Imagine it for us and we'll develop it for you

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3D Printing

Intelligent Prototyping

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If you can imagine it for us, we can develop it for you.

What We Offer

A tightly-knit fluid operation where five to six steps in any direction can easily get you from one discipline to another

Printing Robot Model

Why OuroProto

Cutting Edge Technology

We strive to stay on top of emerging technology in our field. The latest and greatest from lasers to 3D printers.


Your vision is important to us. That is why we will work restlessly to make sure we tailor to your specifications.

Multiple Disciplines
Under one Roof

We take your idea, whatever it may be, from a simple sketch, into a fully functional prototype, all in-house.

Experienced Advisor Service

We have been doing this for quite some time now. Save yourself the hassle and sugarcoating. Let's work!


"Exceptional job on a challenging project! Robust Research and Development, out of the box thinking and extensive testing methods ensured project success."

Daniel R.

CTO | Private Sector

"Your team took my vision and made it a reality. It was not an easy feat given the fact that you guys had to pick up where my previous team left off. An absolutely well done job!"

Robert K.

COO | Private Sector

"I am not an engineer nor am I science-oriented at all. Sergio and his team were able to break down a complex project into its bare bones in order for me to fully understand the concept."

Mark R.

CEO | Private Sector

3D Printing Machine


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