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Imagine it for us and we'll develop it for you

Our goal is to make the entire prototyping process as easy, as economic and as painless as we possibly can by employing our (secret) trademarked method of common sense. Try it. It works.

We all have it but not everyone exercises good common sense. In a world in which a simple engineering mishap (e.g. neglected tolerances) can cost you thousands and thousand of dollars in unnecessary rework fees, common sense goes a long long way.

Our Mission

A tightly-knit fluid operation where five to six steps in any direction can easily get you from one discipline to another. Experience our smart solutions to your complex situations. 

Core Values


Utilizing the industries newest technology, methodology and scientific developments.


We like to keep things clear from the get go. Let's face it; nobody likes sugar coating.


A designated team manager will be available for you 24/7 for the duration of the project.

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