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Here's what we can do for you

Intelligent Prototyping

Experience the fastest and most efficient Research & Development  turnaround and witness the transformation of a very simple idea into a fully-functional prototype right before your eyes in a matter of days.


Contract Manufacturing

Acquired a substantial contract from a well established company to make a certain number of components and/or products in a specified period of time and are either on a tight schedule or lacking necessary capabilities? We can help!

Manufacturing Assembly

Research and Development

Aside from priding ourselves in possessing the industry's fastest and most efficient turnaround process, we also strongly believe to be the most versatile. Whatever your project entails and regardless of the discipline or sector (electrical, private etc.) it is in, we can develop it for you.


Engineering Consulting

We also provide a number of Engineering and Engineering consulting services. Some of our disciplines include but are not limited to: •Electrical Engineering •Mechanical Engineering •RF Engineering •Biomedical Engineering •Software & Systems Integration •AI & Machine Learning

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